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Late birthday present for pegosho

Whip It Good by pegosho

Geldman by pegosho

the-phloop asked: When I saw "manny-calavera-and-glottis-by-pegosho" I nearly burst into tears. It's beautiful. It's the most beautiful damn piece of Grim Fandango fanart I've ever seen and it makes me want to re-install the game. Screw it, I *am* going to re-install the game.

Re-play it man! I’m also thinking on replaying it myself, such an amazing game. But glad you liked my drawing. I’m planning to do more Grim Fandango fanart in the future so stay tune. :)

Feraligatr by Pegosho

Tricky’s Resurrection -by Pegosho

Raticate by pegosho

Kuler Color Study #1 -by pegosho

insanelygaming asked: Hello! I was browsing through red bubble and noticed someone stole your prints. He's claiming them as his own and selling them, so you might want to check that out. I cannot post the link but he's profile on RedBubble is Aksys

Thanks a lot insanelygaming! Redbubble removed most of his stuff, however, they didn’t banned him from the site. Oh well, at least my art is save. Again, thank you so much for telling me. :D

See ya!


The Cave - Color Study

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